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Visit Idlewild, Michigan, a historically African American Resort community in Northern Michigan. Over 100 years old, Idlewild holds in its spirit the history of American segregation, ethnic relations, community development, and the preservation of the earth and natural landscape. Your students will learn from local business owners and trained community docents what it is like to create, sustain, and maintain a historic African American community.


Founded on the principle that tourism provides a uniquely immersive, interactive and dynamic learning experience, Historical Idlewild Tours and Services, LLC. offers an exciting array of tour packages and custom trips geared to the specific requirements of high schools, colleges, alumni groups, churches, and educational institutions.


Historical Idlewild Tours and Services, LLC.  has been partnering with educators since 2006, collaborating to create Idlewild travel itineraries to explore the African American culture, history, community, and lifestyles across the Midwest region of the United States.

Every educational trip is customized to maintain focus on activities and sites specific to your group's interests, educational needs, and desired budget. Our educational tour specialists work with you to craft a complete travel package that will maximize your group's opportunities for an engaging, inspiring and fun learning experience in Idlewild.

Call, email, or contact us on our website today to schedule your organizations trip to the Black Eden, Idlewild, Michigan.



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Historical Idlewild Tours and Services, LLC.

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Online booking for tour events to Idlewild and within. Learn the histories and mysteries located deep within the woods of the Manistee National Forest and Idlewild's intersections.




We are always looking for volunteers for our events. You can get involved as a volunteer educator, or community organizer! Let us know your ideas, and we can work together to engage you in Idlewild! 


Help support HITS activities and projects by purchasing our souvenirs and merchandise in our Idlewild Store! Proceeds help support tourism and community development in Idlewild, MI through our non-profit projects. 

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