Idlewild Juneteenth Festival

What is Juneteenth?


Juneteenth is the oldest celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. On June 19, 1865 Union soldiers spread the news by foot, that the Civil War had ended, and those who were enslaved were now free: Nearly two and a half years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, making the end of slavery finally the official law of all states in the United States.  African American communities across the United States have celebrated Juneteenth on or around June 19th, during which time the community comes together to celebrate freedom, culture, and community. 














Idlewild Juneteenth


The Idlewild Juneteenth Festival will bring Idlewild and surrounding communities closer by spreading good cheer and fun. From sun up to sun down, community members and visitors can groove to a variety of arts including: music, dance, poetry, and karaoke. Attendees will be challenged to know historical facts about Idlewild and Juneteenth. Over 300 attendees are expected to gather in Meeks Park enjoying food, fun, and each other’s talents and company. This annual festival aims to bring together families of all ethnicities and people of all ages for a great historical celebration.


Where is this happening?


Juneteenth takes place the 2nd or 3rd weekend in June.

Families, Groups, and Businesses may choose to celebrate individually or collectively.


The Idlewild Juneteenth Festival is on hold for future development and exploration in 2020.








Who puts on the Idlewild Juneteenth Festival?


The Idlewild Juneteenth Festival Committee, is a branch of HITS, Inc.  and is comprised of multiple community members around the Lake County area serving in committed volunteer roles. We had the festival in 2014, as a result, we continue to add activities and services to make this annual festival bigger and better than before. With the support of the Lake County Community Foundation, Lake Osceola State Bank, Tubelite, Inc., The Letman Group, and other donors and sponsors, Over the years, we have hosted the Idlewild Juneteenth Festival FREE OF CHARGE and aim to keep our focus Youth Centered. We host fundraisers and network with various community partners and volunteers to gather support for this event. If you are interested in serving in a committed volunteer role or a short term volunteer role to help promote the Idlewild Juneteenth Festival, please apply here! 


What type of things are at Juneteenth?


We like to focus on the youth, however we are expanding each year to provide more activities forpeople of all ages!  In the past festivals, The community has enjoyed a fair-like environment with clowns, bounce houses, petting zoo, and carriage rides; along with various games and stage performances throughout the day, hosted by local DJ Favorite TWI Entertainment! There is also food and artisan vendors a wide variety of historic education being shared at the event.