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What is HITS?

Designed by B.E.C.

Designed by B.E.C.

Historical Idlewild Tours and Services (HITS) is caught up in the spirit of Idlewild. It utilizes the historical foundation of the way the community was built to rebuild a legacy. In the early 1900’s, the Idlewild Resort Company traveled to different cities promoting community through presentations. They put people on a bus and organized an R&R trip to the one place Black people could vacation in the height of the Jim Crow era, Idlewild.

HITS wants the commnity of Idlewild to grow and continue to represent that legacy for the African American communities around the country. Our aim is to promote Idlewild through its roots: Tourism, Education, Recreation, and Preservation. HITS’ focus is to provide the entertaining, relaxing, and intellectual history of Idlewild, while also creating new memories for current recreation for all ages.

The business is responsible for: ~ Promoting the community through tours and marketing land purchase and business development. ~ Providing entertainment and recreation in the community. ~ Offering educational presentations of African American culture. ~ Preserving Idlewild through community development.

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