The Founder

Dr. Micala Darcel Evans 
Founder and CEO

Micala’s family dates back to Idlewild in 1921 when her Great Grandmother Lily Price (Turner) and her 4 children moved to Idlewild, and build a three-story home on the side of the railroad tracks known as - The Whistle Stop. Four generations of entrepreneurially minded mothers led to her genuine interest in not only saving but sharing her community.


     Micala grew up in Idlewild and graduated from Baldwin High School class of 2002, but not before making an impact in her community. As a youth, she served as a Junior County Commission representing the Idlewild youth needs, was involved in various Idlewild youth clubs, and won the title of Miss Lake County 2000. Her community engagement led to her completion of a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Community Studies at Ferris State University, and the establishment of Historical Idlewild Tours along the way.


     Micala has received a Master of Arts in Schools, Society, Violence from Eastern Michigan University, and has also earned a Doctorate in Educational Studies at EMU. Her focus is on the community, developing, engaging, educating, and playing as she dreams to bring people together along the diverse social class lines of the community.