Idlewild Youth Service Project


The IYSP is a 20 year dedication project aimed to increase the living population of youth in the Idlewild community within a 20 year time span. Services during the 20 year stretch will be developed, expanded, and enhanced to promote the well-being and needed support of youth in the Lake County community. Projects hosted by HITS are direct responses to solving the problem of the declining youth population in our community. Projects aim to support, celebrate, and develop the youth of our community.


Idlewild Juneteenth Festival


  • Goal:  Free admission for the public. To increase awareness of African American History. To increase youth attendance and civic participation. To promote College and Vocational Awareness. To promote an artistic vision of African American history.

  • When: Second Weekend in June, Annually.

  • Where: John Meeks Park

  • Sustainability: Grants, Sponsorships, Donations


Idlewild Student Tours


  • Goal: To increase student knowledge of Black communities and segregation. To increase student cultural awareness. To increase place-based educational opportunities. To increase awareness of natural history and nature.

  • Where: Idlewild, Michigan, Michigan K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities, and HBCUs across the US.

  • When: May - September, Tourism Season

  • Sustainability: Sponsorships, Grants, Donations


Community Service Projects


  • Goal: To increase students participating in national service days. To increase student volunteer engagement. To promote awareness of various types of community service. To provide opportunities for youth to build a resume of volunteer engagement.

  • When: May - September, Tourism Season

  • Sustainability: Grants, Donations


Community Education Workshops


  • Goal: To offer vocational support services. To offer life skills and soft skill development to youth. To offer mentorship training to youth and adults. To offer informal and non-formal community educational services.

  • When: May - September, Tourism Season

  • Where: Idlewild, MI

  • Sustainability: Grants, Partnerships